Identification Longshot/Talking Point 493

  Brumas 29 Jul 11

Good Evening All. This a GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD, unposted with the inevitable plain back so no clues! It looks like lodge gates to me, but where? click here

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11


Stop sitting at your mac and buy the remote control....I use it to avoid just such issues.

As for this one, I have no idea :))

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11

Don't know if this helps, but royal visits in 1951 seem to have been concentrated in Canada.

  Brumas 29 Jul 11

Crosstrainer2, Taking all things into account i.e. the car being driven on the left hand side and the stationary car is right hand drive, I believe it to be in the UK.

"I use it to avoid just such issues"., youv'e lost me there old pal?

  Brumas 29 Jul 11

fourm member, if only the other writing wasn't truncated it might have given us a photographer's name or studio!

  Quickbeam 29 Jul 11

The cars look much older than 1951 by several decades. The lines across the centre must be trolley bus cables and it must be winter time.

Other than that, is it another coastal scene?

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11


You can buy a small remote control unit for your mac (I had one with my apple TV which is the same) You pair it with your mac, and you can sit in a comfy chair and control your mac.

About £30.00 Sorry for hijacking this......still looking!

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11

Looking at the long straight road the entourage is coming up, I'd swear it was somewhere in lincolnshire...Stamford, Grantham or the like?

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11

I wonder.....?

Royal Visit

  Crosstrainer2 29 Jul 11

Shall have to admit defeat for now, time for meds. and bed. Night all.

  Brumas 29 Jul 11

I think this one is going to be a hard nut to crack, anyhow I'm bushed so I'm turning in, G'Night All.


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