Identification Longshot/Talking Point 485

  Brumas 15 Jul 11

Good Evening All. Last one tonight is a GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD, plain back, postally unused so no clues! click here

My views are that those machines resemble those gadgets for tumbling/polishing pebbles, albeit on a much larger scale?

  zzzz999 15 Jul 11

Looks like a paper mill

  Brumas 15 Jul 11

I'm turning in, G'Night All.

  QuizMan 16 Jul 11
  QuizMan 16 Jul 11
  QuizMan 16 Jul 11

Nor that. I thought I had the hang of posting links, but clearly I was wrong. Meanwhile just Google images for Woking Paper Works.

  Brumas 16 Jul 11

I think Lazarus The 2nd has it, I can't seem to get any joy with Woking Paper Works?

  Woolwell 16 Jul 11

I've had a look at the Woking photos and others and I think that paper mill may be correct. It would explain the high mounted roller on the right.

See smaller roller

  Quickbeam 16 Jul 11

You'd need a paper mill to print those links out;)

  Quickbeam 16 Jul 11

A wire rope works?

A wild guess... A derelict wire rope works

  Diemmess 16 Jul 11

How about drums for transatlantic/ocean phone cable?

The period woulld be about right. Those massive bearings are presumably needed to carry such a weight of cable. Cannot explain why the drum on the right is hoisted so high!


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