Identification Longshot/Talking Point 481

  Brumas 08 Jul 11

Last one cos’ I’m turning in. There’s a clue in there that should have this solved PDQ!

  Brumas 08 Jul 11

A clue before I turn in, it is north of Hadrian's Wall. G'Night All.

  Condom 09 Jul 11

Is it Lytham St Annes

  bremner 09 Jul 11


Not unless they have moved Hadrians Wall :o)

  Quickbeam 09 Jul 11

It's one of those beaches that as a child disappoint you when you arrive, then the next day you like it when you find the outgoing tide goes back a quarter of a mile!

Dunno where though, but Whitley Bay's north of the wall... I'll leave it to the rest guess their way up from there;)

  zzzz999 09 Jul 11

Is it Portobello Beach, Edinburgh?

  Brumas 09 Jul 11

.Quickbeam, just under 20 miles out

  buteman 09 Jul 11

Newbiggin by the sea.

  Brumas 09 Jul 11

buteman,Well Done, The Promenade and Bay, Newbiggin by Sea. The church on that exposed promentory was the clue.

  buteman 09 Jul 11

I have been looking for an old picture but could not find one similar.

  buteman 09 Jul 11


Yes as soon as i seen the church I knew it was the right place but could not find a picture similar to the one that you showed.

I thought that the night shift would have got that one but thanks to Quickbeam for pointing us in the right direction.


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