Identification Longshot/Talking Point 465

  Brumas 03 Jun 11

Good Evening All. Is this the Taj Mahal of picture houses I wonder? click here

  Seth Haniel 03 Jun 11

There was a Kinema at Newcross??

but looks like a different one ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Jun 11

Kinema is a Nepali dish which is prepared by fermentation of soybean

  Bingalau 03 Jun 11

Brumas. I am wondering if your comment is a false clue. The buildings look European so I will guess, somewhere in Ireland. I suppose someone will have successfully googled it by now of course. Takes all the fun out of guessing.

  Brumas 03 Jun 11

Bingalau, what moi give a false clue ;o}} I will confirm it is in England though!

  Bingalau 03 Jun 11

Nice looking area too. People look reasonably prosperous.. So it's not the Sarf end of London, nor the east end 'eever. How about Brighton and Hove!!

  Brumas 03 Jun 11

You are closer than you think ;o}

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Jun 11

Havent Empire?

  Brumas 03 Jun 11

I’ll give an early clue, it is in Greater London.

  Nontek 03 Jun 11

I Havant a clue!

Brumas sorry to change subject slightly - but what program do you use to put the pics into the threads? I have been looking in vain, for an alternative to ImageShack to Post pics here, because ImageShack is no longer compatible with FF4.

  Bingalau 03 Jun 11



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