Identification Longshot/Talking Point 460

  Brumas 20 May 11

Good Evening All. This is a GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD. There isn’t much to go on, as it is unposted and with a standard divided back there aren’t any clues! click here

  buteman 20 May 11

And by the look of it it is going to stay Unindenified especially by me as it's bed time.

best of luck to the night shift.

G/Night all.

  Brumas 20 May 11

Aye, Iv’e had a long day too, G’Night All.

  Condom 21 May 11

I haven't a clue where it is but the design of the buildings and the general lanscape appears to be very like Thailand from about 80 years ago

  Quickbeam 21 May 11

What sort of air pressure conditions cause that kind of lingering/hanging smoke form such tall chimbleys?

  zzzz999 21 May 11

Is that an olive tree in the foreground?

  morddwyd 21 May 11

If I didn't know these were old pictures I'd say that was a battery farm in the foreground!

Why would anyone publish a postcard of a view which appears totally without merit?

  Quickbeam 21 May 11

"totally without merit?" They get us guessing don't they?

  morddwyd 21 May 11

Yes, but I don't suppose that was the intention of the original publisher who made it a postcard!

I wonder how many they sold?

  Woolwell 21 May 11

But it probably wasn't created as a postcard to be published. Many old photos, taken privately or by a studio for a family, were then printed with a postcard back. They were never meant to be posted. I have several family photos like that. They date back to the 1910's or 20's.

  Woolwell 21 May 11

I think that the point of interest here is the railway station/goods yard/marshalling yard with in the foreground a rugby pitch and possibly army barrack huts.


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