Identification Longshot/Talking Point 456

  Brumas 21:51 PM 13 May 11

Good Evening All. Perhaps this may prove to be a little trickier and there again, perhaps not! click here, link text

  ella33 21:56 PM 13 May 11

A bit of a guess but could it be the walkways near the brighton Pavillion? The roof in the background looks to me like the Pavillion and although I haven't been there for a very long time, I do remember pathways round that area.

  ella33 21:58 PM 13 May 11

Aplologies.... Brighton. I always see errors too late to change

  Brumas 22:04 PM 13 May 11

ella33, I must admit there is quite a ‘feel’ of the Brighton Pavilion but it isn’t this location.

  finerty 22:08 PM 13 May 11

London Zoo or a Park may be's Hyde Park

  finerty 22:09 PM 13 May 11

richmond park

  finerty 22:09 PM 13 May 11

or the park Near Golder Green forgot what its called

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 PM 13 May 11


  Brumas 22:28 PM 13 May 11

A clue, it is in the Garden of England.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:52 PM 13 May 11

Cobham Hall and Chartwell are the only big houses I know in Kent

Every time I visit the "Garden of England" some b-gg-r is watering it :0(

  Brumas 22:57 PM 13 May 11

It is not a Country House or Stately hall.


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