Identification Longshot/Talking Point 397

  Brumas 23:47 10 Dec 10

Good Evening All.
A bit of a ruin, just what I feel like! I had to go to Berwick upon Tweed late this afternoon and, having negotiated 3 flooded sections of the single cart track which is rather grandly named the A1 on the way there and 4 on the way back plus two on the road back to Belford I feel drained (excuse the pun) so I’m turning in. G’Night All.
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  finerty 00:43 11 Dec 10

its not from the harry potter film i can see the skull and bones

  finerty 00:44 11 Dec 10


  Brumas 09:03 11 Dec 10

A clue, not mainland UK.

  Al94 09:14 11 Dec 10

At a guess from the car reg it's on the Isle of Man

  Brumas 09:33 11 Dec 10

Spell Island differently and your’e there ;o}

  Taff™ 09:47 11 Dec 10

IM was a Galway registration I believe. Which dates the vehicle between Jan 1904 - Oct 1950!

  birdface 09:58 11 Dec 10

St Nicholas church maybe.

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  birdface 10:11 11 Dec 10

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  birdface 10:15 11 Dec 10

Or possibly this one if you scroll down to the bottom.

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  Taff™ 10:36 11 Dec 10

The stonework around it doesn`t seem to match but it might just be the camera angles.

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