Identification Longshot/Talking Point 246

  Brumas 21:03 25 Dec 09

Good Evening All.
Well, I wasn’t going to put one on over Christmas because that would have meant that I would have had to be around the computer ‘fielding’ the responses. As our Son and Daughter will be staying over Christmas there will be a fat chance of that happening!

So, by putting on this GENUINE unidentified one I could just let it roll until I got around to reading all the comments myself. Because it is a Talking Point as opposed to an Identification Longshot, there is no correct definitive answer so it would give those who were on the Forum (especially those ex fish-heads) something to chew over in my absence :o}

The postcard has a plain back annotated thus:-

Crown Copyright Photo Barkev

click here
I hope everyone has a decent, peaceful and stress-free couple of days - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

  justme 22:12 25 Dec 09

I cannot identify the ship or the place but a google search for "Crown Copyright Photo Barkev" gave a reference to this thread about 30 minutes after it was posted by Brumas.

Just shows that google is watching us. :-)

  octal 22:16 25 Dec 09

Looking closely at the picture the dress of some of the spectators and their skin tone they look distinctly north African, if that is the case the ship could be German.

  Woolwell 23:14 25 Dec 09

I think that is British/Indian - sloop or frigate possibly in the Far East/Indian Ocean area.

  zzzz999 08:51 26 Dec 09

Is that an identification number on th eside of the the ship '133'

  Macscouse 09:12 26 Dec 09

Steamer Point, Aden?

  Brumas 11:17 26 Dec 09

I am surprised nobody has commented on the damage done when the ship hit the jetty and the turmoil in the water when it went full astern in an attempt to extricate itself from the wreckage - or am I seeing something that isn't there?

  Strawballs 11:20 26 Dec 09

If it is in full astern then with the anchor out it will do even more damage to the jetty!

  Brumas 11:36 26 Dec 09

I thought it was trying to get itself out of bad situation by having the rudder hard over and then going astern using the anchor to secure it from moving forwards.
I think originally it came in too fast and at the wrong angle, having hit the jetty it lowered it's hook and then tried to spin round until it was parallel.

What do I know, I was only a Galley Boy in the Merch. what the Deckies did was too much like hard work ;o))

  Strawballs 11:38 26 Dec 09

I no even less about operating them I only build them for a living.

  Brumas 11:45 26 Dec 09


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