Identification Longshot/Talking Point 118

  Brumas 20:58 17 Oct 08

Good Evening All.
This is not in the U.K. or Ireland but I thought it interesting enough to be worthy of inclusion.
click here

  Jim Thing 21:02 17 Oct 08

Looks tropical, judging by the pith helmets (pardon the expression) although the style of the building could be Dutch(?).

Or, to put it another way, I haven't a clue.

  Macscouse 21:07 17 Oct 08

The long haired one says it's Malta. I haven't a clue

  Macscouse 21:12 17 Oct 08

That wouldn't be Bingalau in the sentry box, would it?

  bluto1 21:14 17 Oct 08

Looks like it's a British base in or near the tropics. We're the only ones who'd have a gun pointing at the front door!!
I can't make out the flag, but I too reckon it's Malta.

  VCR97 21:19 17 Oct 08

The building has chimneys so it must get cold enough for fires at some time of the year. An Indian hill station, perhaps? The flag looks as if it might be a Union flag.

  Brumas 21:22 17 Oct 08

I promised I wouldn't tell but it was originally Bingalau until he was suddenly 'caught short' so what you are seeing is a cardboard cut-out, hence the neatness and military bearing ;o)

  Jim Thing 21:23 17 Oct 08

"The flag looks as if it might be a Union flag."

I think you're right. It looks like a union flag photographed on panchromatic film, which lightened blues and darkened reds.

  Jim Thing 21:26 17 Oct 08

" was originally Bingalau until he was suddenly 'caught short'..."

Tell the truth Brumas. He ran away 'cos the Pink Panther nearly got him. You can see its shadow on the wall behind the sentry box.

  wee eddie 21:28 17 Oct 08

there seems to be a dutch influence in the building. perhaps Southern India, Pondicherry.

  STREETWORK 21:36 17 Oct 08

Looks like it's the British Embassy in'' what's the definition of suspense...

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