Identification Longshot and Talking Point - the proposed workaround.

  Brumas 05 Oct 13

Thanks to Picklefactory for his idea, to Fran for allowing me use her email address and to FE for running with the scheme. With a bit of luck i.e. if I receive an email actually containing the activation link, Brumas② should be up and running for monday night’s IL/TP. So I should be able to post at least two per hour which, in turn, should allow it to flow a little quicker.

Oh and I will be allowed to post 5 in the one night, should I need to ;o}

  Aitchbee 05 Oct 13

Brumas, it's hip to be square!

... and I hope you 'break-a-leg' when you take centre stage next monday night with your new 'buddy' ;o)

  Aitchbee 05 Oct 13

... I meant to say ... 'break-the-other-leg' ;o]

  Woolwell 05 Oct 13

"Well all we need now is PCA to be on it's best behaviour on Monday night and all should be well."

On recent form that is highly unlikely.

  john bunyan 05 Oct 13

Will try to remember on Monday ( nearly forgot last week. ) Hope it goes well!

  Brumas 05 Oct 13

We will just have to wait and see, hopefully everything will run like clockwork, he says, fingers, toes, arms,legs and everything else crossed ;o}

  bumpkin 05 Oct 13

I can't see why you cannot post 2 posts per hour anyway. Can anyone explain that to me.

  bumpkin 05 Oct 13

FE is it one or two posts per hour.

  bumpkin 05 Oct 13

Sorry posts meaning threads.

  bumpkin 05 Oct 13

I will try again as I put that badly by saying posts instead of threads. So question to FE, assuming that I have not started a thread for say 2hrs how many can I start in next 60mins 1 or 2.

  Woolwell 05 Oct 13

I hope the site works on Monday. I keep getting site errors and couldn't log in using Firefox and switched to IE10. It is not my system as all other sites work ok.


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