Identification Longshot and Talking Point 994

  Brumas 21:59 PM 29 Nov 13

Good Evening All

This is A GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD unposted and with no clues on the reverse other then a faintly scrawled Scilly Isles? in pencil.

click here

  Aitchbee 22:07 PM 29 Nov 13


  sidecar sid 22:09 PM 29 Nov 13

Old town church Isles of Scilly. Church

  sidecar sid 22:13 PM 29 Nov 13

Better picture Church

  QuizMan 22:15 PM 29 Nov 13

I have found similar pictures but the side windows are always wrong.

  Woolwell 22:19 PM 29 Nov 13

I've looked and looked at that church. Old photos, location, graveyard photos etc and it doesn't match. Churches of Scilly

  Woolwell 22:21 PM 29 Nov 13

Scottish island kirk?

  Brumas 22:22 PM 29 Nov 13

Woolwell I also trawled through those pages and came to the same conclusion. I think someone scrawled 'Scilly Isles' on the back as a wild guess.

  QuizMan 22:24 PM 29 Nov 13

Must be somewhere in Australia. I am sure the man on the left is holding a boomerang :-)

  Aitchbee 22:26 PM 29 Nov 13

Did they keep/store the corpses in those bricked flat-topped structures dotted around the church, I wonder?

  QuizMan 22:28 PM 29 Nov 13

Nah. That the Fosters cooler


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