Identification Longshot and Talking Point 921

  Brumas 22:02 PM 19 Jul 13

Good Evening All.

Another high street but no sheep!

click here

  Woolwell 22:12 PM 19 Jul 13

Scotland somewhere?

  john bunyan 22:13 PM 19 Jul 13

Pure guess Glasgow?

  Brumas 22:19 PM 19 Jul 13

Woolwell affirmative.

  john bunyan 22:28 PM 19 Jul 13

Second Guess Leith (Mitchell Street clue?)

  Brumas 22:33 PM 19 Jul 13

john bunyan you will need to get your feet wet , it is in the Kingdom of Fife.

  Aitchbee 22:34 PM 19 Jul 13

That very tall chap, that's standin 'very upright, in the-middle-of-the-road is not John Cleese, by any chance?

  Woolwell 22:35 PM 19 Jul 13


  Aitchbee 22:37 PM 19 Jul 13

...the hand on the wall is the Monty Python clue.

  john bunyan 22:40 PM 19 Jul 13


  Woolwell 22:40 PM 19 Jul 13

It is Leven Old photos Leven


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