Identification Longshot and Talking Point 887

  Brumas 17 May 13

Good Evening All.

I shall post my last one before I turn in. I would be tempted to paddle here as the water is warmer ;o}

click here

  Brumas 17 May 13

You'll have to get your feet wet for this one, G'Night All.

  Nontek 18 May 13

Gibraltar ?

  john bunyan 18 May 13

From your clue and the steep background mountain, could it be Table Mountain in the background? This looks similar - old pier at Cape Town SA, but not identical....Gibraltar also seems possible but could not find a similar pier..

Cape Town

  carver 18 May 13

*john bunyan * it is enter link description here old pier at Cape Town SA

I keep looking at these and one day I may just get one.

  Brumas 18 May 13

john bunyan Well Done. Open-air Concert Hall, Promenade Pier, Cape Town.

  Brumas 18 May 13

carver remember Robert the Bruce!

  carver 18 May 13

"carver remember Robert the Bruce!" look it's his word against mine and it was a long time ago, you can't prove it.

  Brumas 18 May 13

carver I like ;o}

  Brumas 19 May 13

Jock1e cheers old pal, you were missed, hope you are able to to use your machine without the gremlins!


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