Identification Longshot and Talking Point 883

  Brumas 22:35 PM 10 May 13

Good Evening All.

I do like those coaches, it could almost be Penzance ;o}}

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 PM 10 May 13

Sure I rode on them in Malta :0)

  john bunyan 22:39 PM 10 May 13

N Africa?

  Nontek 22:42 PM 10 May 13

Yes, looks Mediterranean.

  Brumas 22:43 PM 10 May 13

john bunyan Good Call

  john bunyan 22:51 PM 10 May 13

Trying to decide between Marrakesh and Tangiers- will plump for the latter but not sure...

  Brumas 22:54 PM 10 May 13

john bunyan*Well Done* good plumping ;o}. La gare et l'avenue d'Espagne, Tanger.

  Brumas 22:55 PM 10 May 13

Well I'm afraid that's all I am allowed folks, G'Night All.

  Nontek 23:01 PM 10 May 13

JB .. too good for me. Nite-nite ...

  Quickbeam 07:48 AM 11 May 13

Is Rick's cafe in the scene?

  Brumas 09:19 AM 11 May 13

Quickbeam not bad, just over 200 miles adrift ;o}


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