Identification Longshot and Talking Point 833

  Brumas 15 Feb 13

Good Evening All

A busy road junction

click here

  Brumas 15 Feb 13

A clue, it has an X in its name.

  Roy29 15 Feb 13

Is it Exeter? Roy

  Brumas 15 Feb 13

User1591 A Frayed Knott, head further north ;o}

  Brumas 15 Feb 13

I'm turning in now folks, G'Night All.

  Lazarus The 2nd 16 Feb 13
  Bing.alau 16 Feb 13

Uttoxeter? No sign of a racecourse on this picture though. I would have said Exmouth but that is south of Exeter.

  Quickbeam 16 Feb 13

Is that Frank Spencer to the left of the two tone Humber?

Lazarus The 2nd Are you guessing at Mexborough because of the limited number of towns with an X? It's only 10 miles from me, but it was extensively redeveloped in the '60s, so if it is, I can't recognise any of it the picture elements compared to now. But the general atmosphere of the picture feels right for a '50s northern pit/market town.

  Quickbeam 16 Feb 13

If it is, the camera must be facing East, as the whole town is at the foot of a hill rising North.

  Quickbeam 16 Feb 13

Totally different to today, but it should be Main Street not High Street.

I'll get over their to find the location on Monday and cadge a cuppa at a friends:)

  Quickbeam 16 Feb 13

I've just checked the A/Z, there is a short 100m section named High St, but I think all of that area no longer exists as in the picture.


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