Identification Longshot and Talking Point 820

  Brumas 21:18 PM 25 Jan 13

Good Evening All.

Quite a mucky old postcard yet it is interesting

click here

  Bing.alau 21:21 PM 25 Jan 13

Walton Church and its environment.

  Macscouse 21:36 PM 25 Jan 13

Bing.alau - It does not look quite right for St Mary's Walton. it is set too far from the road.

  Brumas 21:38 PM 25 Jan 13

Youse two, it is not in Lancashire/Merseyside or whatever you call it nowadays ;o}

  john bunyan 21:39 PM 25 Jan 13

Looking through churches with towers. Quite common in Norfolk etc.

  Woolwell 21:47 PM 25 Jan 13

Lazarus The 2nd has it

Frith 1897

  john bunyan 21:49 PM 25 Jan 13

Good find.

  Brumas 21:57 PM 25 Jan 13

Lazarus The 2nd, Well Done

  Quickbeam 08:19 AM 26 Jan 13

Isn't there a by-law controlling unattended cabriole legged tables parked half on and half of the pavement?

  Aitchbee 10:02 AM 26 Jan 13

...Arthur Negus used to park just like that ... sorry, Arthur.

  Quickbeam 10:33 AM 26 Jan 13

I've tried to find you the Famous Baxter/Negus postmistress with the cabriole legs sketch HB, but I can't.

Will these two do? Going for a Song & dayespeekglasweegin...


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