Identification Longshot and Talking Point 722

  Brumas 23:33 31 Aug 12

Good Evening All.

Another two chances...then I am turning in.

click here

  Brumas 23:37 31 Aug 12

I'm turning now folks, I can't keep my eyes open much longer, G'Night All.

A clue, TOWIE.

  john bunyan 23:38 31 Aug 12

Ongar, Essex

  john bunyan 23:45 31 Aug 12

Budworth Hall Ongar Essex Budworth

  jellyhead 00:00 01 Sep 12

Looks like a good call JB

  Brumas 09:06 01 Sep 12

john bunyan, Well Done, High Street and Budworth Hall, Ongar.

  Brumas 09:08 01 Sep 12

john bunyan, go on, admit it, it was my fantastically, subtle cryptic clue that helped you ;o}}

  john bunyan 09:23 01 Sep 12


Thanks for TOWIE but a) I do not watch it, b) I was typing at the time!

That area was an old stamping ground in the mid '50's. I do like your clues, though.

  morddwyd 09:28 01 Sep 12

Totally irrelevant story about the name Ongar.

"Ongar" was the airborne torpedo world's equivalent of TSR2.

An all singing all dancing weapon, well ahead of its time (50s), and years in advance of any rival system.

In my opinion we didn't get anywhere near the same level of sophistication until Stingray in the 80s..

Cancelled during development to save money (now where have I heard that before?).

It was called Ongar because Ongar was the last station on the tube line, and it was supposed to be the end of the line for airborne torpedo development.

It very nearly was for we then spent twenty years buying licences from the US (Mk44, Mk46), and lost all our engineering and design expertise.

  john bunyan 09:35 01 Sep 12


I think that was the Mk 24 Tigerfish? See Tigerfish

I heard from a sub tiffy, maybe wrongly, that the S/M Conqueror deceided to use Mk 8's rather than the less reliable Mk 24's to sink the Belgrano?

  Brumas 11:10 01 Sep 12

john bunyan, hell's teeth old pal, I wouldn't watch that kind of rubbish if you paid me - I was referring to "I can't keep my eyes open much longer" - longer/ongar, yup, I told you it was bad ;o}

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