Identification Longshot and Talking Point 716

  Brumas 24 Aug 12

Good Evening All.

Because I do listen and take onboard words of wisdom from all those who cudgel the old grey cells on a Friday night I now think it is about time I revised the criteria needed to obtain a Well Done as I feel, in some instances, I have been awarding them too lightly.

As we all know the Well Done cannot be bought, inveigled or even replicated and is much sought after, more so than a Gold Medal in the 100 metres but I now feel it should only be awarded for a Complete Identification.

If I post a view of a particular building, street or view etc, identifying just the town will only merit a brand new and hitherto unknown Good Call. Only on naming the actual street, building or view etc will elicit the much prized, prestigious Well Done ;o}

Unless specifically requested, clues will not be given until just after 23:00hrs - that’s if I remember of course ;o}}

All this could change of course depending on what mood I am in, after all “I am just a fickle, stupid human being with a poor memory and a great gift for self deprecation” my apologies for plagierizing and rewriting a Suzanne Collins quote.

Feel free to offer your two penn’orth!

Bearing all that in mind I thought I would start off with an easy one ;o}

click here

  john bunyan 24 Aug 12

The Phoenix United Mines Liskeard, North Cornwall?

  john bunyan 24 Aug 12

Here Phoenix

  Macscouse 24 Aug 12

it's de mill on de 'ill

  Brumas 24 Aug 12

john bunyan, Well Done I was hoping this would run longer so more could read my pearls of wisdom,bearing that in mind I shall not green-tick it.

  john bunyan 24 Aug 12

May be absent on the Fri after 18th Sep as a second, bigger, op looms. New rules fine!

  Nontek 24 Aug 12

Tin mine Cornwall.

  sidecar sid 24 Aug 12

The prince of Wales shaft no less!Well done

  Aitchbee 24 Aug 12

Brumas, I hope you were sitting down when you made that speech.I had to go and put the kettle on...I thought it was an advert :o)

  Brumas 24 Aug 12

john bunyan You'll be fine - it's my birthday :o}

  Brumas 24 Aug 12

Aitchbee That made me chuckle ;o}


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