Identification Longshot and Talking Point 711

  Brumas 10 Aug 12

Good Evening All.

I shall leave this GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD for the night shift cos’ I’m turning in soon. It is not in good shape and the back is even worse.

click here

  Brumas 10 Aug 12

I'm turning in now folks, G'Night All.

  john bunyan 10 Aug 12

Good night Brumas and thanks for all the fun you provide. I mat be away for a while soon to try and fix a problem.

  zzzz999 11 Aug 12

That has a New Zealand look about it?

  zzzz999 11 Aug 12

Is that two air traffic control towers on the hill?

  john bunyan 11 Aug 12

The telegraph poles may give a clue as to country - I think it is not UK, but cannot yet find a match on the poles. Maybe Scandinavia?

  Aitchbee 11 Aug 12

I haven't even yet figured out if that's a 'lump of water' or dry land 'centre stage'; and telegraph pole seems to have a single 'curly' cross-bar.

  Taff™ 11 Aug 12

Rick'scafe - The one on the left is a tall pylon standing somewher in the foreground and probably a transmitter. The one on the right looks like a monument of some description. Probably linked to the church to the right.

Thought initially it might be Wales but those 3 storey buildings aren't typical. The rooves also don't look steep enough to get rid of the rain in Wales!

  zzzz999 11 Aug 12

I think given the track marks on the foreground that the section in the middle is land.

  zzzz999 11 Aug 12

Taff, I am not sure that is a pylon, there isn't another one anywhere?!

  Woolwell 11 Aug 12

The one in the foreground is almost certainly a mast associated with radio.

The buildings have a military or prison feel about them.


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