Identification Longshot and Talking Point

  Brumas 21 Oct 13

Something’s cropped up so I shall not be able to do IL/TP tonight. I won’t put it on tomorrow but I will take the opportunity to return it to it’s original Friday Night slot, sink or swim, and see how it goes from there.

If you all all pretty fed up now with all the constant changes/tinkering/problems etc I can understand and I do apologise but I am striving to get it back as it was !

  Woolwell 21 Oct 13

Brumas - I was going to have difficulty joining in tonight. I hope to join you on Friday.

  Brumas 21 Oct 13

Woolwell cheers old pal.

  john bunyan 21 Oct 13


Will try and be on parade on Friday. Thanks for keeping going!

  Brumas 21 Oct 13

john bunyan Good man, thank you for 'keeping the faith' ;o}

  QuizMan 21 Oct 13

Oh no. What am I going to do during adverts in Doc Martin now? Lots of cup of tea I suppose.

  Brumas 21 Oct 13

I'm sorry folks, all I am trying to do is restore the status quo ante, I think I have used that phrase correctly?

  Aitchbee 21 Oct 13

Brumas ... you asked for it!

click here

  Brumas 21 Oct 13

Good old Aitchbee, very appropriate ;o}


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