Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1298

  Brumas 23:10 06 Mar 15

Good Evening All

We have just heard, Fran and I are Grandparents for the first time Yippee! A fine strapping baby boy, 9lbs 9ozs , 21 inches long, I did say strapping!! Both mother and son are doing fine and my Son is too!

My Daughter is also expecting a boy in July. one down and one to go :o}

Back to business. This is A GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD obviously of the Ross on Wye area but not named.

click here

click here

  Brumas 23:18 06 Mar 15

I'm turning in now Folks because wetting the baby's head and typing do not mix! G'Night All.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:32 06 Mar 15


  Macscouse 00:10 07 Mar 15

Congrats, old pal, to you and Fran. That baby is nearly as big as me.

  mole1944 05:31 07 Mar 15

Congratulations to all concerned.

  Brumas 09:12 07 Mar 15

Thanks for all the congrats, life as we know it will never be the same!! As both our children live 186 miles away in Preston we shall not see the nipper every day but whenever we do see him it will be all that more special.

  Brumas 09:13 07 Mar 15

Macscouseyou aren't that small that you still need turnups in your boxers old pal ;o}

  john bunyan 09:36 07 Mar 15


Congratulations to you and yours ! What a whopper! (the baby I mean)

Sorry I have been a bit spasmodic in my appearances recently but a few issues have prevented it.

  Quickbeam 09:51 07 Mar 15

The interesting thing about this one is the fact that someone's gone to the trouble of running it through a typewriter for a 49 letter message, and had to think about the synchronisation of the address on the split pane format!

There's a few typos in the 'pony terk' reference and the mis-aligned Capital R would indicate that he didn't have any tippex to hand and running out of space for 'Gardens' in the address. That and along with the pretty formal semi colon and full stop abbreviation of North in the address suggest that it was sent by a clerk not used to typing on a paper size smaller than standard foolscap.

But the most considerate thing, is the apology for the un-thrilling content. This sender is the only one of the so far 1298 pictures featured to acknowledge somewhat dull content of early postcards;-)

  Brumas 10:26 07 Mar 15

Quickbeam a synopsis worthy of Sherlock Holmes ;o}

  Brumas 10:29 07 Mar 15

john bunyan thanks old pal, I perfectly understand.

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