Identification Longshot Postcard Puzzle.

  Bing.alau 08 Mar 13

I don't think I shall be looking at the postcard puzzle tonight. All the fun seems to have gone out of it. Mind you, I only have a perfunctory glance these days anyway. I'm too tired by nine of the clock in the evenings. Getting old and cantankerous I suppose.

  wiz-king 08 Mar 13

I shall be looking at them before breakfast on Saturday -9pm is too late for me as I have just finished 28 days of combined chem/radio therapy and I am knackered by 7 in the evening. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - even though I haven't got any right answers yet.

  Brumas 08 Mar 13

Bing.alau sorry old pal, I'm doing the best I can, apparently nobody wants to laugh at all the 'tired old jokes' again ;o}

  Quickbeam 08 Mar 13

Does that include references to the ubiquitous streetwise dog hanging around alleyways eyeballing all that pass?

  Brumas 08 Mar 13

Quickbeam probably, but they still make me chuckle ;o}

  john bunyan 08 Mar 13


I hope your treatment is helping you. I am also undergoing a milder form...

I sincerely hope all goes well with you

  morddwyd 09 Mar 13

"All the fun seems to have gone out of it"

Don't see why. All that's happened is that it had gone back to how it used to be when it started, a few cards posted on a Friday night.


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