ID Longshot crowd, help needed.

  Blackhat 01:10 30 Dec 07

Experts are trying to identify a huge metal container.

click here

Looks like a grain silo to me.

Too flimsy for a liquid container, or maybe its part of a space module?

  Forum Editor 01:24 30 Dec 07

or are they fabricated on-site?

I'm going for the liquid container option - if it's made from stainless steel it could be a lager fermentation vessel. The fact that it's being moved in one piece suggests that it's made to be water or gas-tight, and if (as the BBC report says)it is of a fairly light construction I favour a liquid storage vessel.

  Coffee Adict 01:44 30 Dec 07

Ooops somebodies in trouble.

"What ya mean you lost it?"

Watching the ships go through the Panama Canal and how they are well loaded I'm surprised more strange things don't turn up.

Why aren't you two in bed?

  Blackhat 01:50 30 Dec 07

I am in bed but keep the noise down, she's still snoring softly.

  mrwoowoo 03:02 30 Dec 07

Looks very much to me like a cationic starch silo used in the paper industry.
The dimentions seem about right.
Obviously a silo,hopper or some sort of discharger.

  mrwoowoo 03:07 30 Dec 07

This is quite close
click here

  wiz-king 09:22 30 Dec 07

Oil filter from the SS Enterprise?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 30 Dec 07

We use that sort of thing to store and dispense sand on the railway.

  josie mayhem 15:32 30 Dec 07

I think by the look of it, it is more to do with a hopper system than actual storage...

I seen several of these against the factory wall of a plastic product factory... They contain the plastic pellets that requied in the extruction of the plastic product lines...

It seems too flimsy, to have been built for anything that is liquid, or would be conidered to be a bio-hazard of any sorts... And and I can't see it being presurised when in use...

  Bingalau 17:24 30 Dec 07

Isn't a whisky still by any chance is it? Nah, all those Scots people would be lining up with their flagons and buckets ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:27 30 Dec 07

Have you been watching those old black and white films again?

Whisky Galore click here

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