I.D card readers

  carver 07:58 22 May 09

How are you suppose to take the idea of I.D cards seriously if there are no card readers and this is the advice you are given to check them click here .

It's more like the advice given by some one in a comedy show.

  jack 08:27 22 May 09

Not any particular government - the overall system of administrating our lives seems to be in the hands of a shower of public school Numptys.

Moreover here is a prediction
There is in a suburban house in Manchester/Birmingham/ London a card manufacturing setup- doing test runs as we discuss this topic - .

  Bingalau 08:32 22 May 09

jack. I'm glad you left Liverpool out of that prediction. (Waits for the inevitable deluge of uncomplimentary remarks thrown this way).

  jack 08:40 22 May 09

for leaving Liverpool out- ;-}

  carver 10:30 22 May 09

I keep thinking of Monty Phython and how it would not appear out of place as one of their sketches.

Wonder what happens if the person checking your I.D has bitten his finger nails down to the quick, would he have to call for backup, or will Health and Safety get in on the act and say it's far to dangerous to flick cards without first going on a card flicking course.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:38 22 May 09

'the overall system of administrating our lives seems to be in the hands of a shower of public school Numptys'...you should have watched the 4 episodes of English Heritage (led by the main cheerleader Simon Thurley, who obviously lives on another planet and in another time) that were broadcast recently on BBC2. They illustrated your point perfectly and made me withdraw all my support from EH (10+years)in a torrent of disgust.
The episodes could have been written as a Monty Python series but they wouldn't have been as funny because it is our money that is being wasted. There also seemed to be an unnatural amount of ex-guards officers at the pointy end in EH who equally, had no comprehension of reality which worries me greatly when I think what they are like in battle.


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