Ice Cream Sandwich

  Covergirl 00:32 18 Dec 11

Well, what a stupid name for an os. Just read any news (or other) article about it and the number of mentions of "Ice cream sandwich" makes a mockery of the name.

I'll get me coat . . . :)

  rdave13 00:41 18 Dec 11


A link perhaps? If it concerns the mobile 'phone industry' then my interest dies forthwith.

  smokingbeagle 02:54 18 Dec 11

Think its the people at google slyly mocking the tech writers who faithfully reel off froyo, gingerbread and of course ice cream sandwich in their copy. We the punters are supposed to remember which version of android they are.

  morddwyd 06:52 18 Dec 11

Why stupid?

Inconvenient , perhaps, or cumbersome, but it's just a name, supposedly in alphabetical order, but I don't remember an H.

Google has always been a bit quirky.

It's certainly memorable!

  wiz-king 08:16 18 Dec 11

Perhaps it is the only publishable comment that came out of a developers meeting.

  mark2 08:20 18 Dec 11


you missed honeycomb then ? :-)


Is the naming with nonsensical names any different to other OS releases, Apple with lion, Ubuntu with natty narwhal, hardy heron etc ?

  morddwyd 08:29 18 Dec 11


No, just forgot it!

  T0SH 14:19 18 Dec 11

How about operating system version letters start with A add a few hundred versions down the road you will eventually get to I C S next add a bit of imagination to get you to a somewhat less boring "Ice Cream Sandwich"

Cheers HC

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