IBM a look back in history

  zimzala 12:54 17 Dec 06

Hi to you all,
I was just having a browse around on google video and I found this,

click here

This is a part of history about IBM that I didn't know about... thought it was only right to share it with you!!!

Must admit I don't fancy anything implanted in my body, what a horrible thought!!!!

  Forum Editor 13:13 17 Dec 06

having seen anyting less relevant to today's world in a long time. The people who stitch all these paranoid ravings together really need to get out in the fresh air and contribute something more meaningful to society.

I very much doubt that I'll be losing a nanosecond of sleep worrying that IBM is going to secretly microchip us all so it can turn us into drones. It's all sheer and utter twaddle, and anyone who stopped to think about it for more than the beat of a gnat's heart would see it for what it is - paranoid looney nonsense.

What happened in the 1940's happened, there's absolutely nothing that any of us can do about it, and trying to tie it in to some fantasy theorist's imaginings about what big business is plotting to do to us all is the stuff of a batman movie script.

  zimzala 14:17 17 Dec 06

At first thats what I thought but after looking into it a bit more I found this story from the Daily Mail

click here

This other story from the Torronto Star

click here

Please read these articles because I don't think we can make an informed oppinon on any matter without first checking it out for ourselfs.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:10 17 Dec 06

There are three types of scaremongering - scaremongering, damn scaremongering, and this utter bilge.

This utter bilge really takes the biscuit.

  Starfox 15:54 17 Dec 06

In the words of Mr Schumacher-

What a load of cobblers!

  hijo 16:28 17 Dec 06

i agree on both sides here,but one thing i will say is if its implanted DEEP ENOUGH into a criminals body or a paedophile so he can be tracked then i have no issue there...everyone wants to see these type of people off the streets or at least prooven they was/wasnt there at the scene of a crime..saving a loada money from police investigations..i personaly have no issue here with this subject ..

  Forum Editor 17:25 17 Dec 06

The minute any government started implanting tracking devices deep into anyone's body without his/her consent would be the day we rejoined the under-developed nations of the world. We would throw away a thousand years of civilisation in a second.

Which is why it will never happen.

  jimv7 17:32 17 Dec 06

My 3 dogs already have the identity chips implanted in them, however you look at it, its a start, and only a short step from ankle bracelets to implanted i.d. chips for the criminal element.

  Forum Editor 17:41 17 Dec 06

It's a very long step from ankle bracelets to implanted chips. It would require major legislative changes, and I don't see any government placing such changes on their list of "things we must do on gaining power".

The European parliament would have more than a little to say on the subject.

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