I wish I had thought of this!

  Sapins 11:10 18 Mar 08

Saw this introduced on TV last night.

click here

£1-50 a minute! £3 for a text message!

Destiny won't be the only thing calling, men in white coats spring to mind.

  Cymro. 11:32 18 Mar 08

Once I saw Cilla Black seems to have something to do with the site that was more than enough for me. I never could stand the woman.

As for £1-50 a minute or whatever, I thought C.B. was suppose to be one of the richest women in the country. There is never enough money for some people.

  lofty29 11:43 18 Mar 08

Its about as sick making as her adverts for insurance

  Brumas 11:50 18 Mar 08

Call me a cynic but 'in the olden days' didn't we just use to ask Grandma to receive spot-on, no holds-barred, sympathetic advice plus a free cuddle, cup of tea and a ten-bob note shoved surreptitiously into your top pocket 'just to tide you over'?

  Clapton is God 12:27 18 Mar 08

Seems to me that's "lorra, lorra" money for a "lorra, lorra" nothing

  wellshgit 12:47 18 Mar 08

"Lorra Lorra money for a Lorra Lorra nothing" sums up Cilla,s career

  techie4me 12:54 18 Mar 08


  Totally-braindead 13:17 18 Mar 08

Go on waste your money phoning someone you don't know who will tell you all sorts of rubbish that they couldn't possibly know.

You know you want to.

  amonra 13:56 18 Mar 08

Two fingers down the throat job !

  Brumas 14:41 18 Mar 08

I'm not that old :o(( - however, what you state is, of course, correct but I still despair!

  anchor 15:01 18 Mar 08

Just read the horoscope in your daily newspapers; they will probably contain just as much rubbish as Cillas site will give you.

You could also look here for much of the same:

click here

click here

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