I thought the plan was to

  cream. 22 Jun 11

reduce public borrowing not working yet.

  peter99co 22 Jun 11

This is the most appropriate comment I think.

Perhaps I'm simply too good for this world but the idea that Balls and Eagle should be forgiven for attempting to mislead voters with lies and deliberate misinterpretations of official figures is a very sad indictment of our present political climate. Why is there nobody in the mainstream media willing to sit Balls down and point out, figure by figure, his mendacity?

Taken from the post sent in by

Peter Hedges June 21st, 2011 7:29pm

  Forum Editor 22 Jun 11

Saying that the government's spending cuts policy is 'not working yet' is a bit like going into your garden the day after you planted some seeds and saying that they're not growing yet.

This is always the problem with economic policies - Ministers talk them up in the media, and the electorate gets the idea that somehow everything is going to be sorted out by the middle of next month. We'll all have to go without our Friday night takeaway for a few weeks, but then it will all be OK.

When it's not OK after a few months, or even a year, people start getting fidgety, and say it's 'not working yet'. That's probably the case, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's never going to work. I'm not here to defend David Cameron - he's far from being my favourite politician - but I seem to remember him warning, shortly after the election, that it would take the lifetime of this government before we saw any concrete improvements.

  ams4127 23 Jun 11

Well said FE. I agree entirely that these things take time to come to fruition. Personally, I think that the life of this parliament will not be sufficient to show much improvement.

Trouble is that after the next election, whoever wins will have yet more "bright ideas" and change things again. It a vicious circle and change for change's sake (because you must be seen to be doing something) does not help.

  john 52 23 Jun 11

It has always been Labours position if you take to much out of the economy to quickly it will lead to bigger problems and if you remember it was Labours plan to reduce the deficit over a longer period .

I think it makes sense as I have stated before if people are unable to find employment the benefit costs go up ,less spending is made in the high street meaning less jobs are created in that sector less Tax revenue is taken in and less National Insurance and income tax will be paid into the government finances . I just feel the present government's thinking on this is an suck and see type of policy they may be lucky which for all our sakes I hope they are but must add the cuts have not started to hit people yet or interest rate rises that is when we will see the full impact of this gamble

  gengiscant 23 Jun 11

No matter how long it takes to get us out of the economic mire the banks got us in to,you can rest assure that we are not all in this together.It is us,the ordinary folk of this land,that are being asked to bear the brunt of the cuts,bankers and CEO's are still handing themselves big pay rises and bonuses, whilst the rest of us have to accept no pay rises, higher prices, job losses, as for our politicians any rises in prices etc just goes on expenses,which we pay for.


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