I think I am going Cuckoo.

  Bing.alau 15:56 02 Feb 13

I have just heard the first signs of spring. The chimes of an ice cream van in the street.

  muddypaws 16:06 02 Feb 13

The only chimes I can here are those of the grandfather clock that my wife decided to switch on earlier, and as it is only 10ft from me it will be silenced shortly. (:- )).

  Woolwell 16:13 02 Feb 13

Heard a lawn mower last week.

  muddypaws 16:14 02 Feb 13

....Oh...and seen the sun today.

  SillBill 16:26 02 Feb 13

What's the sun, and what does it look like?

  muddypaws 16:32 02 Feb 13


It's low down through the trees and a b..... nuisance when driving

  BT 17:58 02 Feb 13

The chimes of an ice cream van in the street.

I heard them about 2 weeks ago, and again last week when there was snow on the ground!!

  Bing.alau 18:22 02 Feb 13

BT. And there I thought I was the earliest!!

  Forum Editor 19:04 02 Feb 13

"The chimes of an ice cream van in the street."

I haven't heard those for years, we certainly don't ever hear them in my part of London. I thought they had disappeared.

  morddwyd 19:56 02 Feb 13

Every Sunday tea=time without fail, summer and winter, rain or shine.

My snowdrops are not even in the green yet, though the rooks are up and building.

  Bing.alau 20:02 02 Feb 13

I've got a few snowdrops in my front lawn but nothing in the back (sunny) one.

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