I have an addiction

  Awshum 15:23 10 Nov 09

to buying technology that I don't need.

I already have two upscaling dvd players, two PS3s (one up, one down), an xbox360 and a wii.

I recently bought a 22inch LCD for the spare room. Since that I decided I wanted an upscaling dvd player, picked a Philips one at £40 but came back with a Philips bluray player at £97 because it was on offer.

Any one share my pain?

PS. I'm not even going down the road of cameras and PCs.

  jakimo 15:29 10 Nov 09

Some one say, more money than sense, I would say enjoy.

  john bunyan 17:20 10 Nov 09

Here's a non PC comment: Men will say "Good on you", women will say " What a waste of money".

  Awshum 17:43 10 Nov 09

My wife declares it as "no sense and NO money".

Any one else not resist a tech (or gadget) bargain?

Incidentally the BR player is as noisy as an angle grinder and is being returned.

  exdragon 22:15 10 Nov 09

This woman certainly wouldn't say, 'What a waste of money'!

It's got so bad that the chap in technology corner in John Lewis rubs his hands with glee every time he sees me approaching.

I'm currently fighting the purchase of an e-book reader and a shiny new keyboard, neither of which I need... And like you, Awshum, new camera gear is running a pretty close second.

  AL47 22:20 10 Nov 09

i want to get a fully backlit LCD tv when they get here and a dvd player for my car, a new smart phone, and have to stop myself buying things like aio remotes and a new 24in dell £400 monitor.. resist! io must resist!!

  donki 10:30 11 Nov 09

Guys, guys there is a recession on! :). I find myself in the same boat Ebay is my play ground and again its the DSLR equipmrnt that draws me in.

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