I go away for a week and England falls apart!

  Jak_1 12:27 04 Jul 07

I've just returned from 8 days in sunny Mallorca and it seems like England is falling apart! Major floods terrorist attacks. Has the past week really been as bad as the media are saying and did I choose the right week for a holiday. Or, is the picture not as bad as is being painted? Btw, I had no delays at airports going nor coming back, I had checked on airport security arrangements before the flights and stuck to the guidelines and had no problems.

  Totally-braindead 12:31 04 Jul 07

Its all your fault you know, if you hadn't gone away none of this would have happened.

  Jak_1 12:41 04 Jul 07

Guilty as charged m'lud :)

  Guardianangel 12:43 04 Jul 07

It was a bad week and you did pick the right week for a holiday, especially in view of the weather!

  Cymro. 12:46 04 Jul 07

But just think of all the fun you missed out on, just sunbathing on some beach, being bored half the time.
I just hope you got sunburned.

  Jak_1 12:58 04 Jul 07

Sunbathing on the beach I did, tanned but not burnt. There was always a convenient bar to retreat to when it got too hot and liquid refreshement was required :)Fluid replacement therapy, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  Kate B 13:03 04 Jul 07

Welcome back, Jak_1 and glad you had a good holiday.

  Jak_1 13:08 04 Jul 07

Thanks Kate, a welcome break. Now busy catching up here.

dont do it again!

  Cymro. 14:54 04 Jul 07

Re. your "liquid refreshment" at least tell us you have a bad hangover.

  Huffster 16:02 04 Jul 07

The EU is on the case:

click here

Seriously, what do we pay them for...

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