I gather all the Gordon Brown and Co admirers...

  Stuartli 13:26 02 May 08

...are suffering from deep shock, as I can't find any thread about the local election results.

Looks as if it's going to get worse later today - some bookies are already paying out those who backed Boris, hours before the winner is declared.

  pj123 13:53 02 May 08

I think it is a case of:

Gordon Brown - give up and go home. You are costing your party votes.

  oresome 13:54 02 May 08

The only change where I live is that the Conservatives have lost a seat and the Lib Dems have gained one.

Life goes on pretty much as before.

  n4165si 13:55 02 May 08

it could not have happened to a nicer fellow, Its about time he took the earplugs out.

  Monoux 14:18 02 May 08

Just seem GB on TV news saying he will listen and act-- shame he didn't do that before now.
In reality I suppose not much will change unless some of his backbenchers get some backbone and vote down items which are allowing the government to get their hands deeper and deeper into our pockets. I suspect some might do so now to try and avoid being thrown off the gravy train.
It's OK for those that can pass on the costs of this relentless increase in taxes and prices but a large number can't do that and are seeing
below inflation rate increases in income erode their standard of living on a daily basis.

It's no wonder people are saying in effect enough is enough.

  pj123 14:33 02 May 08

Well, I have always voted Labour since I was given the vote.

I can't see that happening anymore.

Unfortunately, I can't see any other party worthy of my vote?

  Curio 15:17 02 May 08

I imagine you will have two years to make up your mind!!

  kingisangus 15:36 02 May 08

Much as i have been chuckling to myself all day at the beating handed out to Labour last night, i still think Ken will retain London. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Boris take it but i can't see it happening, would be great to be wrong though!

  Stuartli 15:57 02 May 08

You will be feeling great, like so many of us are already, ere long...:-)

  Forum Editor 17:07 02 May 08

but do it in a mature fashion. Any further comments along the lines of "The Gordon Brown and Co admirers" will be deleted. This isn't a party-political forum, and it's not necessary to make silly, provocative references like that, or to indulge in schoolboy triumphalism.

  Cymro. 17:10 02 May 08

You lot must have a very short memory that's all I can say.

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