I don't suppose I could use the Trespass Law...

  Z1100 11:48 04 Dec 06

To stop the Small Army of leaflet droppers walking up my path every day to deposit their precious bundle of paper on my (now worn out) carpet? ;)


  The Brigadier 11:53 04 Dec 06


  Vangeliska 12:02 04 Dec 06

You could set up an AK47 operated by a motion Detector, but you might get the Postman by mistake!

  Z1100 12:21 04 Dec 06

Yes, good plan shame about the flaw :(


  VCR97 19:44 04 Dec 06

A couple of years ago there was a well-reported case of a couple who successfully used the law of trespass to stop deliveries of a "freebie" newspaper.

  SANTOS7 19:49 04 Dec 06

just put a notice on the door "NO ADS or FLIERS"

  Brumas 20:31 04 Dec 06

I put up a similar sort of sign (no cold callers,double glazing salesmen etc.)and you would not believe it but the very next day the doorbell rang and two very smartly dressed and ultra polite Jehovah's Witnesses pointed to the sign and said "You surely don't mean us - do you?"
I am not making this up really, this did happen!

  Z1100 21:02 04 Dec 06



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