I don't believe this...!

  ArrGee 12:03 17 Oct 06

I just stumbled upon this web site, and I am truly flummoxed as to how it works.

Basically, you run through the instructions, and this 'Mystical Ball' will find your answer. I've tried it ten times now, and each time the answer was correct.

If anyone can shed light on how this works, please please put me out of my bad state of curiosity!!

click here

  ArrGee 12:16 17 Oct 06

Doh, just worked it out! But still very good never-the-less.

  spuds 12:29 17 Oct 06

This particular program as been recently mentioned within the forum. There are a number of variations, but all work on the same principal.

Fiendish all the same though.

  Monoux 13:15 17 Oct 06

The answer can only be 9 or a multiple of 9 i.e 9.18.27 etc. If you look at the symbol for each 9 or multiple it is the same so seems to find your symbol every time

  do-gull 17:07 17 Oct 06

I tried it 9 times and each time i had a different symbol and each time it got it right!!!

I AM AMAZED... n e a t ! ! !

  anskyber 17:13 17 Oct 06

There are several answers all based on 6. The symbols move each time to gine the illusion of a different answer.

  anskyber 17:31 17 Oct 06

Sorry 9

  spikeychris 20:19 17 Oct 06
  ray7 20:37 17 Oct 06

any number between 1 and 99 where the total of the individual digits are deducted will ALWAYS be a multiple of 9
By placing the identical symbol in each '9' position ,that symbol is certain to match the result of the chosen digits. The symbol used can be anything, as long as all the multiples of 9 are identical. Any other varieties of symbols can be used on the other numbers somewhat hiding the chosen answer

  ArrGee 21:18 17 Oct 06

Well, we all know the answer now...let's start playing it on people that don't!

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