I believe that Hilary Clinton

  Forum Editor 00:03 09 Nov 06

has started her run.

Does anyone else share my view that americans might soon elect their first female president?

Perhaps nobody cares?

  Kate B 00:04 09 Nov 06

It would be fantastic to see Hillary Clinton run and even more fantastic to see her win. I think you're right, Peter, and I'll be watching with fascination. American politics is about to enter a new and interesting phase anyway with the stunning results of the mid-terms; Hillary staking her claim for the Democratic nomination will make it even more so.

  Forum Editor 00:13 09 Nov 06

I heard her speak at a reception in New York about six months ago, and was very impressed. Hilary is a very clever woman, and has the happy knack of being charming in a social context, too. She worked the room after her speech, and although I didn't speak to her myself I was a couple of feet away when she was sweet-talking a rich american businessman into supporting some cause or other. She managed to be both charming and assertive at the same time - a useful skill.

She won't declare her intention to run, but she's heavily sponsored - she has many millions of dollars in her campaign chest already. I think she would transform the american presidency into something that would really go places, and I'll also be watching what happens with eormous interest.

  sunny staines 00:32 09 Nov 06

she has a good chance not much good opposition at present

  DANZIG 00:46 09 Nov 06

Quie a resounding accolade of Hilary's attributes there FE.

I expect many female voters felt the same when Bill took to the 'hustings'.........

  Jak_1 00:56 09 Nov 06

Interesting but I don't think it will happen yet! Chatting with my American friends they tend to dispel that though admit that the day a female president is elected is getting nearer. They all say that most Americans are stuck in the old ways regarding matters of policy even to the point of puritanism. Personally I would like to see it as I firmly believe in the right person for the job no matter who it is.

  ashdav 00:57 09 Nov 06

I saw this coming about 2yrs ago and all I could see was that she was "the power behind the throne" all along.
Good luck to her. I only hope the American public realise what they've got.

  Kate B 00:59 09 Nov 06

I thought Bill Clinton was a good president despite the Monica Lewinsky affair, and I liked in him what I like about Hillary - they're both smart, committed, clever and capable.

  ashdav 01:01 09 Nov 06


  WhiteTruckMan 01:09 09 Nov 06

I suppose arent quite as bad as father and son ones.

The cause for some of my discomfort is the thought of the worlds only superpower in the hands of an (elected) ruling family.

Still, at least its unlikely she will be caught boffing the hired help.


  Chegs ®™ 04:53 09 Nov 06

My views are easily understood.I'm a UK citizen therefore whatever the americans do is irrelevant.They could elect a giraffe for all I care.

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