I Am Legend...

  Quickbeam 23:30 28 Dec 07

Anyone else seen it? I've just got back from the flicks. Great cinematography, acting was good, a few good scares... unfortunately it was the most ungripping and boring film I've seen since The Great Gatsby...

If I was on my own, I would have left in less than an hour!

  Ranger 00:04 29 Dec 07

I'm just back from seeing it, I have to agree with you in everything you say, like you I liked the acting etc. but I found it boring at parts, the rest of the family enjoyed it immensley though and are already talking about buying the DVD when it's released

  jakimo 12:31 29 Dec 07

once a week on the BBC news program is a film review slot,apparently none of the the films over-hyped for Xmas were worth the ticket price

  Si_L 13:15 29 Dec 07

I'm seeing it on Wednesday.

Don't bother going to see Golden Compass, it was twaddle.

  Curio 13:18 29 Dec 07

I too was bored with it. In no way does it stand up to the hype

  SB23 13:43 29 Dec 07

Well thats abit of a blow, I was looking forward to seeing it.
What do I go and see now?

  Quickbeam 13:52 29 Dec 07

"What do I go and see now?". The 'Jumper' trailer looked good and fast flowing.

In fact the trailers were more entertaining than the film... I didn't think the story was strong enough to fill more than a 50 minute TV drama slot... I can't be cruel enough to express my disappointment with 'I Am Legend'.

  Colin 16:03 29 Dec 07

I am planning on seeing both I Am Legend & The Golden Compass in the New Year, (once the kids have gone back to school).

The negative comments won't put me off as we're all different and what one person dislikes another does.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:59 29 Dec 07

of an old charleton heston movie (omega man?)


  Totally-braindead 22:17 29 Dec 07

WTM its based on that film and the one that came before it. Might be slightly different but its based on the same book.

  Quickbeam 09:26 30 Dec 07

"The negative comments won't put me off as we're all different and what one person dislikes another does."

That's quite right, the two others I went with thought it was OK.

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials) is a favourite book of mine so I had the advantage of knowing what was what. I still felt a Directors version with another 30/45 mins would have expanded it better and done more justice to the storyline.

A Directors cut of 3 to 4 mins for I Am Legend would do suitable justice to that storyline... HO, HO :))

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