Fruit Bat /\0/\ 25 Feb 13

Use to this term in a biological sense mainly from plant breeding

Offspring resulting from the interbreeding between two animals or plants of different species.

However on a recent visit to a Car man dealership I was surprised to see most of the cars in the show room have "Hybrid" plastered all over them.

Is this the way cars are going now? Do you have one and what do you think of it?

Or will they turn into a "Chimera" (in thee horror film sense) ;0)

  john bunyan 25 Feb 13

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

I have briefly looked at these as my wife is looking for a new car, and the Toyota Auris is a possibility. These have a fairly massive battery under the boot which charges from the petrol engine and it "knows" when to switch between fuels. The emission and mileage seem good, but I think they are a little "new" -( battery shelf life and replacement cost?) On balance I may wait until they are more established and any snags and ironed out.

  john bunyan 25 Feb 13

Also see:


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Feb 13

Hoping for some posts from someone who has one of these Hybrid cars.

I know most battery packs probably only have a 5yr lifespan before needing renewal

  chub_tor 26 Feb 13

Sorry but I am not a hybrid owner but have friends who own a Prius and of course rave about it. I am not convinced that our meagre 6,000 miles a year warrants the extra expense of a diesel car let alone a hybrid.

BUT on the subject of Prius batteries if you look at their life expectancy in the USA they are warranted for at least 8 years or 100,000 miles and this is a full replacement warranty and not pro-rated. In California the warranty is 10 years.

To quote from this article "Average life span? no one really knows. There just hasn't been enough of them failing for us to tell you how long they'll last. (It is still a rare occurrence, even for the US Prius which have been out for almost 9 years now, with many over 200,000 miles without any hybrid battery issues...)"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Feb 13

My Toyota is 5yrs old and 50,000 miles been doing about 1800 over last couple of years.

I expect my mileage to drop considerably in the next few years to approx 5,000 a year (mostly urban), also need a 5 door (grandchild) so looking for a newish car but not really sure what I want apart from reliability and good mpg.

I was surprised to see so many Hybrid badged cars in the show room last week, the article JB linked to made interesting reading

  Bing.alau 26 Feb 13

My little car is very economical on petrol and so I don't think I will be interested for the next several years. Maybe by then I will be brown bread and even less interested. But if I were younger I would certainly be looking at them and likely to buy one. If the battery life is good for 100,000 miles then I would think that is plenty. I suspect you could then replace it with a new battery or even a new engine. Not many people keep a car that long anyway, do they?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Feb 13

Need something a little larger than an UP (Its surprising how much room a two year old takes up.

but would love the same mpg :0)

  Bing.alau 26 Feb 13

Fruit Bat. I agree there needs to be more space if you are carrying children. But none the less it is a surprisingly spacious car. Ideal for two. I can't reach the passenger door when sitting in the driver's seat without reaching over. If I sit upright and put out my left arm I still have about three inches or more to go to touch the door. The seats are comfy as can be and what's more mine are heated when needed. When I am washing the car, I can only just reach the radio aerial on the roof from the side, so it is a fair size and has lots of boot space, You could carry two passengers in the back but I think that might be o.k. on a short journey but not very comfy on a long one. Of course with the back seat down there is loads of room for golf clubs etc.


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