Human Rights

  morddwyd 16:30 19 Dec 10

Is it not against my human rights expecting me to go for a cholesterol check the week after Christmas?

  rdave13 16:32 19 Dec 10

No, so you'll have to watch what you eat. :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 19 Dec 10


OK does that include a 24 week fast beforehand?

Lay off the chocolates, mince pies, sausage rolls, Christmas pud but turkey is OK as that is white meat :0)

Merry Christmas --- Oh better take that back alcohol is probably not good for cholesterol either

  spuds 21:30 19 Dec 10

I wouldn't bother going.

According to your Human Rights, you are covered by Articles 2,3,8,9,10.And if the police become involved, they will even throw in Articles 5,6,7 plus Article 1 of Protocol 6 / Article 2 of Protocol 6.

I bet you wished that you had never started this :O((

On a more pleasant note, I had mine done the other day, with some other tests, and should have the results by Wednesday. So it looks like eat, drink and be merry for me perhaps?.

  peter99co 22:03 19 Dec 10

It's your life! Not your rights they are trying to protect.

Tell them you are snowed in! Book a spring appointment.

  Forum Editor 22:58 19 Dec 10

is hardly likely to make a marked difference, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.. in a responsible way, of course.

  DippyGirl 01:46 20 Dec 10

Patient "if I give smoking, sex, drinking, exercise and high fat/sugar/salt foods will I live longer?"
Doctor " not necessarily - but it will certainly seem so!"

  morddwyd 09:21 20 Dec 10

"Tell them you are snowed in!"

Unfortunately I live only two hundred yards from the health centre, and 95% of the staff, including the doctors, pass the house each morning and evening (the other 5% live in the opposite direction).

Most of them give me a smile and wave!

How sad is that, when the medical staff know you well enough to chat to, and you're on first name terms in the chemist?

  Bingalau 09:36 20 Dec 10

Like you I am on first name terms with the chemist. Lovely young man who does marathons for charity and helps raise lots of money for the local hospice. To me he very handy as if I forget to put my prescription in on time he will advance me the medication until he gets it. (the prescription that is). He always has time to talk to us oldies and helps wherever and whenever he can. We need more people like him in this World.

  BT 17:34 20 Dec 10

My local pharmacy (Boots/Alliance) actually orders and collects my script from the surgery and gets it ready for collection. It works fine for the items I have on a regular basis. If I do miscalculate I just have to give them a call and they will order it when needed as long as its on my repeat list. Saves a trip to the surgery and I don't have to wait for it to be made up as its all ready when I call for it

I believe the other pharmacy in my local Tescos runs the same service, and I think they both also have a delivery service for housebound people.

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