Human guniea Pigs

  finerty 05:22 02 Nov 12

Poorest used as Guinea Pigs

Some big drug companies are using poor people on drug trials with adverse affects.

  wiz-king 07:04 02 Nov 12

Makes a change from jailbirds and students.

  carver 09:19 02 Nov 12

"And choosing Bhopal was just to ratchet up the emotion with a 'Haven't they suffered enough?"

Did you actually watch the whole thing, Bhopal was presented as a past mistake to what happens when company's are allowed to do what ever they want without any thought to safety, the hospital was built to look after the survivors of that breach of safety and now they are using the hospital to conduct drug trails on people who may not even know they are are trying out experimental drugs.

In India life for some of the lower casts is an existence and to use them in drug trails is classed as "if they die they die".

Corruption is rife and it's true that in India Doctors do bury their mistakes.

  morddwyd 10:03 02 Nov 12

"in India Doctors do bury their mistakes."

The good ones come to the UK.

Some of our best medical brains trained in India, and a generalisation such as your is a slur on Indian medicine.

  Forum Editor 11:19 02 Nov 12

"Corruption is rife and it's true that in India Doctors do bury their mistakes."

Corruption is rife in lots of countries, and certainly in India, but that's not the story here. Drug companies test in many countries, but India, and Bhopal in particular is an attractive TV documentary location - for the reasons mentioned by fourm member.

As for doctors burying their mistakes - that happens all over the world, what else would you do with people who die? India has some superb medical facilities, particularly where certain surgical procedures are concerned, but there aren't enough of them for everyone. Before you generalise about India you need to understand a bit about the country, and you're not going to do that by watching one TV report.

  SeiyaIkki 14:57 02 Nov 12

This is so sad...

  Strawballs 15:09 02 Nov 12

but I don't know that Newsnight has done anything helpful! How dare they raise the subject of the plebs being used!!

  Forum Editor 15:38 02 Nov 12


"..but I don't know that Newsnight has done anything helpful! How dare they raise the subject of the plebs being used!!"

I'm not sure what all that means. if you're trying to say that Newsnight was right to publicise what's happening I agree, but with subjects like this it's good to have some perspective - testing along these lines isn't a new thing, it's been going on for at least five years, both in India and elsewhere.

Between 2007 and 2010 an estimated 1730 people died whilst or after participating in drug trials. All of these people were ill before they started the trial, so it's difficult to know whether the trial was responsible or whether they died as a result of their illness - this is always an issue with trialling new drugs.

Some years ago I worked extensively with an organisation that monitored trialling of drugs in both Europe and Asia, and I saw how many people in Asia were involved - it was a substantial number.

India is by no means at the top of the list when it comes to deaths related to clinical drugs trialling - Russia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, all have more.

The culprit, if you want to single out a single one is the way that the rules on trialling were relaxed in 2005. Big populations (particularly India) are popular with drug companies because they have genetic diversity, and a wealth of people with all kinds of different illnesses.

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