Huhne pleads guilty

  Chronos the 2nd 05 Feb 13


Chris Huhne admits perverting the course of justice and lying but I am a tad confused was he lying or 'spinning' as it was pointed out to me in another thread "There's a big difference between politicians and businesses who tend to 'spin' rather than lying outright"

So perhaps this is all a misunderstanding?

  Quickbeam 05 Feb 13

"admits perverting the course of justice and lying" Where is there not a lie in that?

There's no sympathy from me for lawmakers that break laws.

  spider9 05 Feb 13

Simply another example of "Beware the scorned woman", (even after 10 years!!) I suppose.

More interesting to watch how her case develops, 'marital coercion' is an interesting defence.

  HondaMan 05 Feb 13

Given his (political) background and other factors which have been referred to and even proven by way of statements and evidentially, I think he should receive the maximum sentence permissable AND pay ALL the costs unnecessarily incurred by his lying. That should also include the prosecution costs and wasted court costs

  fourm member 05 Feb 13

You need to look up the meaning of the word 'tend'.

Starting a new thread just to pursue a vendetta is petty in the extreme.

  chub_tor 05 Feb 13

One definition of tend - "Regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic"

So would that be for spinning or lying or both?

  Nontek 05 Feb 13

Spin, to my simple mind means to rotate swiftly in a circular motion

Whereas, also my opinion, Politically - Spin means Lie, full stop!

  johndrew 05 Feb 13

If Huhne deserves a custodial sentence for this (and I think he does), should all those MPs who lied about their expenses be treated similarly?

  spider9 05 Feb 13

Jock1e "Just wondering if his wife will also be charged"

She was in the dock with him, her trial starts today, according to a previous BBC linked story - and her defence is said to be 'marital coercion' as I said earlier, at 8-41am.

  Forum Editor 05 Feb 13

I am a tad confused was he lying or 'spinning' as it was pointed out to me in another thread "There's a big difference between politicians and businesses who tend to 'spin' rather than lying outright"

You certainly are a tad confused, because you can't seem to recognise that this incident has nothing whatever to do with the other thread - the one that your quoted text comes from. The two contexts are completely different, but as you don't realise that, allow me to explain:

In this case a man lied to police about who was driving his car when it was speeding. he continued to lie when interviewed - several times - by reporters. he has finally confessed, and will pay the penalty; it's a criminal matter.

The other matter has nothing whatever to do with a criminal case, and politicians were not mentioned by anyone, except you. It's patently obvious that you've decided to post this thread because you are angry at another forum user. It's petty, spiteful behaviour, and I'll not tolerate it.


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