HSE Mythbusters Panel Triumph Again

  morddwyd 25 Jun 12

The HSE Mythbusters Challenge Panel has once again triumphed over stupid local rulings


More power to them, not before time something like this was operating.

  Quickbeam 25 Jun 12

Heavens to Murgatroyd! They have a department for the application of common sense...?

  HondaMan 25 Jun 12

Sounds like someone invented this as an excuse to stop this activity in case the children pressed too hard and broke the glass. HSE get blamed for all sorts of silly ideas

  Mr Mistoffelees 25 Jun 12

HondaMan's suggestion makes far more sense. Glass is used extensively in chemistry precisely because it is almost completely inert (non-reactive).

  Strawballs 25 Jun 12
  spuds 25 Jun 12

I suppose this verdict took some time to reach a conclusion, and cost a small fortune to reach that conclusion.

HondaMan seems to have the ideal suggestion about possible breakage.

Bit like some of our local school's telling parent's that they cannot drive vehicles onto school property, because of the possibility that a child will get knocked down. Yet at the same time, the teacher's and deliver driver's are exempt from this ruling!.

  interzone55 25 Jun 12
  • It claims to have happened at an unnamed campus owned and operated by a private company.*

As is always the case with these HSE myths, the origin of the story is unknown.

Reminds me of the persistent rumour that Bob Holness from Blockbusters played the sax solo on Baker Street. This was made up by Stuart Maconie for a spoof news page at the back of the NME, but somehow years later it was repeated on the web and is suddenly 100% true.

btw Bob Holness was the first James Bond - he played Bond in a 1956 South African radio production of Moonraker

  morddwyd 25 Jun 12

But it is not an HSE myth, nor any other sort of myth.

It is an real incident that that the HSE have debunked and it actually appears on their website.



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