off with hr head

  timsmith259 12:16 21 Dec 10

what do think would it be good for tourism or not

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  dagbladet 12:24 21 Dec 10

Good for tourism? How?

  Quickbeam 12:26 21 Dec 10

Public beheadings are sure to generate macabre tourism...

  Forum Editor 12:41 21 Dec 10

regardless of what happens?

  Simsy 12:48 21 Dec 10

I'm correct in saying that the UK is the only nation that doesn't have it's country's name on it's stamps...

And that's because the monarch's head on the stamp serves that purpose, and we, (UK), has this honor as the "inventor" of the modern postal service.

Whether that's an "Urban myth" or not I don't know, but I think it would be a shame to lose the honor.

(In a similar vien, our footballing governing body is just "The Football Association", with no national appendage.)



  Forum Editor 12:55 21 Dec 10

If the Queen's head is taken off the stamps I will know that the lunatics have finally succeeded in taking over the asylum.

Let's hope that common-sense prevails, because the final decision will rest with Royal Mail, and that doesn't fill me with confidence.

  shellship 12:59 21 Dec 10


  carver 13:42 21 Dec 10

Sorry FE, they took over the asylum about 6 months ago, just that nobody wanted to tell you and spoil Christmas.

  interzone55 13:50 21 Dec 10

I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of items posted over the last 5 years haven't had the Queen's head anywhere on the package.

Most things seem to be pre-paid envelopes or printed postage stickers...

  Cymro. 14:59 21 Dec 10

"If the Queen's head is taken off the stamps I will know that the lunatics have finally succeeded in taking over the asylum".

Why should it be such a lunatic thing to do? Not all of us are as mad for the monarchy as you seem to be. It seems to me to be a perfectly legitimate point of view or at least as legitimate as many posted on this forum.

  Forum Editor 15:13 21 Dec 10

As I said earlier, Royal Mail will make the final decision about this, but leaving aside ordinary stamps they print almost half a billion Christmas stamps every year, and that's likely to continue.

I can see no valid reason for discontinuing the use of an image of the monarch's head. It was mooted in 1965, and nothing came of it; I would be surprised to see it happen now. It might seem a small thing, but lots of these small things add up to a big erosion of our unique British identity - a hefty shove in the back that will accelerate a decline into mediocrity.

We have lots of reasons to feel proud of our country - why set about dismantling them one by one, simply because we can?

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