How's your crystal ball?

  Diemmess 17:01 21 Nov 04

Anytime now all the TV and Radio people will be asking for nominees for personality, gizmo, or widget of the year.

Put it another way and say what you believe will be one of those things by the end of 2005.

Just a thought,........ I am amazed at the speed with which D&P outlets have adapted to digital photos!
The change doesn't surprise me at all, I expected it, but not so quickly, causing a huge drop in demand for conventional processing......... How soon before "traditional camera users" have to pay a premium to have their holiday snaps done? ...Kodak is already closing much of their interests in this.......... Or how soon before a re-shuffle of ISPs and serious changes in Internet access

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:45 21 Nov 04

Completely hopeless, I'm sending it back ASAP!!

  stalion 18:00 21 Nov 04

Threw mine at the wall and it broke did not see that coming

  Dorsai 18:12 21 Nov 04

The batteries in mine went flat, I got no advanced warning.

  Diemmess 18:43 21 Nov 04

No crystal ball? It'll have to tealeaves then......You can't get chicken entrails any more and cards are a bit old hat!...... Unless they are chipped!!!!!!!!

  stalion 18:57 21 Nov 04

Seriously though my Crystal Ball tells me that Christmas day will be on the 25th of December and that F.E. will get the day off and not have to change the battery on the server clock

  josie mayhem 22:11 21 Nov 04

My crystal ball tells me ' another year of hard work, and no change to drooling over that must have piece of kit, that I can't afford. No change in the kids, can I borrow/have what about my street cred, you've runied my life for ever more.......'

  Sapins 08:51 22 Nov 04

My crystal ball tells me that the parts I am waiting for will not arrive this morning as I hope and I will spend more time gazing into my crystal case instead of building my new modded system:-(

I am presently chasing the thing all over my desk, don't they provide a stand with these thing's?

  ventanas 09:13 22 Nov 04

I see that Microsoft, in a complete turnabout have put an end to both delays and bloatware. Longhorn will be released a year ahead of schedule on one floppy disc.

  Pesala 12:22 22 Nov 04
  mole44 20:32 22 Nov 04

i`m using crysal ball 98se and its just crashed

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