How would you say it?

  ams4127 07 Nov 11

If you did some research on the Internet and found the answer you wanted using Google, you would say "I googled it"

But what if you are using Bing?

Can you say "I binged it". Doesn't sound quite right somehow.

What would be the correct way? Any ideas.....?

  wiz-king 07 Nov 11

I googled it here looks like you can binged it

  morddwyd 07 Nov 11

I binged once (well more than once, a lot more than once, actually)!

  Bingalau 07 Nov 11

What's wrong with "Bingled"?

  Bingalau 07 Nov 11

They shouldn't have pinched Bing Crosby's name anyway.

  lucky1 07 Nov 11

I hope you didn't pinch it!!!!!

  interzone55 07 Nov 11

Perhaps when you find something using Bing you shout Bingo!

  lotvic 07 Nov 11

Bingled might get corrupted to Bungled.

Now that's strange, my spell-checker doesn't like Bingled but is okay with Binged

  ams4127 07 Nov 11

Now that I like..."Bingled"

Bingled by Bingalau

Rolls off the tongue very nicely!

  Chegs ®™ 09 Nov 11

I do use the term "I googled it" when in fact I tend to use anything but Google to search as I'm thoroughly peeved at the amount of advertising generated by Google searches.It's getting harder to find information I seek without wading through hundreds of pages all offering links to a company,& I'm too darn lazy to discover what format I need wrap the search terms when I can simply switch to a lesser search engine & get the same information from the first page of results.

  Quickbeam 09 Nov 11

Just as you would Hoover with any make of vacuum cleaner, you would Google with any brand of search engine.

They're one of those luck companies that find by accident, that their name has become synonymous with a particular activity.


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