How viable is an edit option and is it a good or bad idea.

  bumpkin 19:06 29 Mar 13

Hi everyone,we all make mistakes occasionally when posting a question or reply, could be just a simple typing error or maybe something that could have been better phrased. I think a chance to edit ones postings would be useful with some limitations required of course. What do you think?

  morddwyd 19:50 29 Mar 13

This has been raised many times before, and always rejected.

If you don't want to use the preview box then prepare your post in Word and cut and paste it.

  hssutton 19:55 29 Mar 13

Editing a post could cause havoc to the rest of the thread I agree with morddwyd

  bremner 20:09 29 Mar 13

Sensibly has been rejected on many occasions.

Who really cares if a mistake has been made, it can be remedied if necessary with another post.

  interzone55 20:26 29 Mar 13

Another forum I use regularly allows posts to be edited for 48 hours, then they're locked, but if you need a change after so long you can contact a moderator who'll do the job.

Edit option is there as some posts are selling stuff and you can remove stuff from the original post as and when it's sold

  bumpkin 20:41 29 Mar 13

Good points. I was thinking of some kind of method of editing soon after posting not going back days, for example before the next post in the same thread. I can understand why it has not been adopted. Just wanted opinions or suggestions as to how it could be made to work to our advantage if possible.

  rdave13 22:59 29 Mar 13

Never has 'editing' been allowed here.

You post, you make a cockup, you post again to rectify your 'typo' or bad info.

  bumpkin 23:49 29 Mar 13

Not a good idea then I take it. I shall crawl back under my stone(:-)

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