How Times Change

  Greengage 14:40 31 Dec 06

I bought my first PC in 1996 (I did have a really basic one given to me before that but it was before Windows) and it was a Packard Bell from PC World. It possessed a Pentium 100 processor and 8mb ram. Beacause my wife heard that things were changing in the PC world, when I took early retirement in 1997 I invested again in another Packard Bell but this time with a 160 processor, 16mb ram AND mmx. Each of these cost me upwards of £1600. With the second PB I had a Canon Printer 4200 thrown in and I was able to off load my previous dot matrix printer (not quite true - I kept it!). Along the way I acquired an Agfa scanner (SCSI connections - worked very well but no use on present day PCs) which cost me £200,again PC World. I have bought another scanner and two other printers also since then. All the printers still work and I did really get rid of the dot matrix to my father in law to whom I gave the first PB and then I updated him with the Canon printer subsequently. The other PB I gave to my barber. I have also acquired additional computers over this period and at present I possess 3 PCs (all are more than reasonable spec) and a notebook. You now have to put all this in perspective. The wife and I live alone at home with this equipment and I counted up the other day that including TV and other equipment we have 7 DVD players in the house without even counting the recorders. I still possess two very decent recorders and two scanners (although I am cheating here because I am still counting the Agfa). We do not do a lot on the equipment we own but hell - I like playing with it all.

Now to get to the point of this posting, I went out yesterday and saw an HP all in one HP PSC 1510 at a very competitive price. I came home did my homework and went back today - only because golf was cancelled due to waterlogged course - and bought it. I do not need it, but difficult to turn away a bargain at under £35!

  Greengage 15:04 31 Dec 06

"two very decent recorders" should read "printers". And sorry about "Beacause"

  lisa02 15:12 31 Dec 06

Indeed it is technology overload... I have a cupboard full of those extra cables that come with things and I haven't got a clue what's what. Will I toss them? Nope just in case I find I need one.

Technology is soo cheap now. I have lots of gadgets I don't need or use but I still want them. Just bought myself more memory pens, a steal at £12.99 for PNY 1gb at PCW, and another Sharp hifi with usb ports to play music through.

My new year's resolution is to stop spending click here .

  PurplePenny 22:17 31 Dec 06

Watched the film "The Explorers" earlier. Brainy kid was putting stuff onto a computer, he'd had to route it through his Dad's computer because it had 128K of memory. 128K!

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