How small we are...

  ams4127 15:51 PM 06 Sep 11
  shellship 16:26 PM 06 Sep 11

Very small. Amazing.

  badhair1963 16:52 PM 06 Sep 11

Here's another one. The pale blue dot in the middle of this sunbeam contains all known life in the universe.

  Autoschediastic 17:30 PM 06 Sep 11

Guys i just LOVE stuff like this! it really blows my socks off..

NOTE: Mu Cephei could fit almost 4.5 billion Suns into its volume, i dont think we could imagine a volume of that size?

Mu Cephei is 38,000 times brighter than the Sun??

Mu Cephei is nearing death. It has begun to fuse helium into carbon, whereas a main sequence star fuses hydrogen into helium. The helium-carbon cycle shows that Mu Cephei is in the last phase of its life and may explode as a supernova 'soon' in astronomical terms, although this might not be for some millions of i wont grab my coat Just yet lol

  Autoschediastic 17:32 PM 06 Sep 11

Work this Graph out and when you do its mind blowing!! BTW fantastic find "ams" cheers


  wiz-king 17:47 PM 06 Sep 11

Oh I thought you had found this

  Autoschediastic 18:18 PM 06 Sep 11

Wiz King Class bit of MP there cheers :-)

  ams4127 19:07 PM 06 Sep 11



  Aitchbee 23:06 PM 06 Sep 11

Is 'SPACE' a big snooker table, the 'STARS' the balls, and 'BLACK HOLES' the pockets? Who are the players? Ted Lowe would know.

  Covergirl 12:15 PM 07 Sep 11

A similar thread

  Covergirl 12:16 PM 07 Sep 11

Hmmm . . . . ?

A similar thread here


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