How ro receive british radio programs abroad

  ponytail 09:34 18 May 15

My wife is going to Spain with our daughter and their family in Sept and wondered if it was possible to receive UK radio programs whilst there.If so what sort of radio would she need She has a DAB radio would that do.It is a bit bigger than she wants but if a DAB radio is suitable I am sure she can get a smaller one.

  john bunyan 10:04 18 May 15

3 choices: Shortwave for BBC World Service (not worth buying a shortwave radio for a short visit.) In my travelling days I had a small Sony shortwave that worked in Pakistan, Kenya etc for that purpose, but only the BBC World Service programme. These days FM - not DAB is often available but, again , only local English language stations, not the normal UK list. See, for example

Radio stations Spain

A third alternative is to use the internet, but the BBC does not yet offer its normal list on that in overseas locations. Also read here

BBC World service

  ponytail 10:40 18 May 15

Hi John just been looking on Google and saw this. just wondered if she could get this on her I pad,Does not have to be the BBC

  dave2207 10:41 18 May 15

The BBC iPlayer won't show TV programmes abroad via the Internet, but it will allow you to listen to BBC Radio via the Internet. Many hotels have free Wi-Fi, so take a laptop and listen away for free. The website can also allow you to watch BBC and ITV programmes via the Internet, although you need to register (free) and a Wi-Fi with enough speed to display live TV (around 2 Mb/s). I have used it to watch British TV in the Costa del Sol, with a hotel's free Wi-Fi.

  Batch 11:06 18 May 15

If their accommodation has satellite TV (many do these days), UK radio stations may well be available on that (along with some UK TV).

  ponytail 12:43 18 May 15

Just found this one then click on tunein radio would my wife have to go to the app store and download the tunein radio app

  kad292 06:43 19 May 15

I am listening now to Colourful Radio(not heard of them till visiting this site) in Italy online via this site...listenlive,not tried others,yet,too busy.

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