How to publish a thread or not

  Woolwell 21:43 PM 01 Jun 12

Having read that john bunyan and brumas couldn't post tonight I thought that I would try myself.

FE Please delete if it works.

  Brumas 21:44 PM 01 Jun 12

Woolwell what's the secret of your success?

  Woolwell 21:45 PM 01 Jun 12

When I put in the tags it highlighted the words again immediately below. I clicked on them and then publish.

  Brumas 21:55 PM 01 Jun 12

Woolwell doesn't appear to work for me no matter what combination I use.

  john bunyan 22:00 PM 01 Jun 12


I also failed ( W7, IE9)

  Woolwell 22:09 PM 01 Jun 12

W7 & Chrome. What adblockers do you have running? Blocked cookies or do not track? I have blocked a few cookies and only have anti-banner on.

  john bunyan 22:13 PM 01 Jun 12

I have DNT+ and also Abine and Easylist in Tools/Safety/Tracking protection, in IE9. This problem did not apply a couple of days ago.

  rdave13 22:17 PM 01 Jun 12

Try to ignore the highlighted words and use your own, might work.

  Woolwell 22:22 PM 01 Jun 12

I've just had a go at publishing a thread using IE9 and failed with the same message as Brumas. IE9 snag?

  john bunyan 22:23 PM 01 Jun 12

Tried and failed again with DNT+ disabled.

  Woolwell 22:30 PM 01 Jun 12

There's something odd going on with the site. I put up a new thread using IE9, it worked and appeared on my system. I wrote another post explaining that I had clicked on each tag in turn. Clicked to post and got a 404 error and my new thread vanished completely.


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