How many power sockets?

  Chris the Ancient 14:22 02 Aug 07

Like many people, I just keep adding bits to my computer. And more and more bits of wire appear under the desk (which I do *try* to keep fairly tidy - on top, that is).

So, recently, I decided it was time to tidy up all the electrical spaghetti under my desk and try and make it look more organised (an interesting exercise!). I did also sort of wonder just what the underside of some other desks may look like as well. However, a nice bag of cable clips from maplin have made everything here look a lot tidier and much less of a safety hazard.

Then came the plugging everything back in. I never realised just how many power bricks and plugs I needed to run everything!

My main feed comes off one 13A wall socket and ends up with some extensions (all neatly mounted, out of the way, on a side wall of the desk). But when I counted the number of items plugged in, it came to a total of 13!

How many plugged in items have you got? And be honest, don't count the plugs going on the the next extension block!

  anskyber 14:25 02 Aug 07


  wee eddie 14:27 02 Aug 07

Not all are in use though.

1 gets switched off every night, the other is on 24/7 even though the equipment attached to it is either Switched-off or on Stand-by.

  Clapton is God 14:27 02 Aug 07

Believe it or not, only 4:
Sub-woofer for my loudspeakers

  Chris the Ancient 14:30 02 Aug 07

I'll admit to one of them being for my halogen desk lamp.

  dagbladet 14:47 02 Aug 07

Tower, monitor, printer, ext HDD, router, TV, Digibox, PS2, phone (base unit).


And an absolute mess of cables which the HR manager nags about once or thrice...a day.

  Chris the Ancient 14:56 02 Aug 07

I used these

click here

And a HUGE bag full!

So easy and quick to use. (But in a couple of corners where I knew there would be more strain in holding the cables in place, a small screw was used to really secure the clip.)

  Jak_1 15:06 02 Aug 07

7 but could do with 2 more as the modem in current use is a usb modem and the new one needs to be plugged into a socket and 1 more is needed for the radio/cd player so I can listen to football when I can't get to an away game.

  interzone55 15:11 02 Aug 07

I have 8 powered items on my desk...

Laptop, 2 external drives, printer, scanner, router, desk lamp, PoE midspan for a security camera I'm testing.

As for my work desk I couldn't begin to count the plugs I'm using, I currently have about 16 DVRs running, 30 odd cameras, a PC, monitor, 2 servers, 2 7.5tb direct attached storage boxes, 2 24 port switches and a 24 port PoE switch. No they're not all running from 1 13amp socket

  dagbladet 15:18 02 Aug 07

Just to clarify, I was talking about my home set up.

HR manager = Wife

  Jak_1 15:42 02 Aug 07

Just to clarify, I was talking about my home set up.

HR manager = Wife


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